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    Recommended way to change logo in a report....


      Hi all,


      I have just received word that in some situations a different logo will be required on some reports. Rather than have report clones I was wondering if anyone has a suggested method to change the logo on a report in code?


      I have little experience with images in FM so any suggestions welcomed.



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          You could store your logos in a container field on a separate table that is related by a field such as "logo name".  Records in the Logos table would consist of your different logos identified by data in the Logo_Name field. Your Logo_Name_for_Report field should be global.


          Screen Shot 2012-03-23 at 8.29.23 AM.JPG

          Insert the related Logo container field on your report layout.


          When you enter a logo name into the logo_name_for_report field (on your report table), it will change the logo on the report layout (make sure you keep this field off of the printable area of the report and that it's global).  It would be best to use a value list in this field that shows values from the Logo_Name field in the logos table.


          Hope that helps!

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            Create a new table, containing your logos, as well as a unique name (text) that describes your logo. Create some records there, along with your graphic logos.


            In your table/s that you wish to show the logo, use a global field (text) that realtes to your unique name in the logos table.


            Your global could be called 'Report logo option' for example. Then attach a drop down list showing all values within the unique name of all your logos.


            Then, on your report layout, show the related grpahic, via this relationship. Change the value within the global and the graphic will change accordingly.


            I hope this makes sense?

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              Hi there,


              As suggested above, you could use a separate table to store the logos and then enable a way to selct which one for the report...


              See attached example that displays all available logos in a portal and you just click to select which one you want for the report...