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Install on timer script and sound player - how to hide the player?

Question asked by hugall1998 on Mar 23, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2012 by hschlossberg

Hi all,

I'm experimenting with the Install on timer script step, using it to count down x seconds and at the final second go to a container field and play a sound (waw) file. I am using FM Pro advanced 11v3 for windows 7. All goes according to plan except when the sound is played a sound player (quicktime or the windows default player, depends on which of the two windows 7 computer I use) pops up, severely spoiling my elegant interface. I have tried to switch to another layout after the goto-container-and-play-sound step, also tried the new-window step but the blasted player always stays on top and doesn't go after the sound has been played.

My question is thus: How can I automatically (by a script step) get rid of the player after the sound has been played? All ideas thankfully appreciated.

Million thanks in advance,

Larus Jon.