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    Install on timer script and sound player - how to hide the player?


      Hi all,

      I'm experimenting with the Install on timer script step, using it to count down x seconds and at the final second go to a container field and play a sound (waw) file. I am using FM Pro advanced 11v3 for windows 7. All goes according to plan except when the sound is played a sound player (quicktime or the windows default player, depends on which of the two windows 7 computer I use) pops up, severely spoiling my elegant interface. I have tried to switch to another layout after the goto-container-and-play-sound step, also tried the new-window step but the blasted player always stays on top and doesn't go after the sound has been played.

      My question is thus: How can I automatically (by a script step) get rid of the player after the sound has been played? All ideas thankfully appreciated.

      Million thanks in advance,

      Larus Jon.