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    First Timers


      Any first timers going that need tips or opinions on what to focus on - or general questions - ask away - I found my first time kind of intimidating but was very lucky to get some of the veterans to show me the ropes - I'd like to use my Karma card and see if we can help any first time attendees with any questions - you will really enjoy DevCon but it can be a little overwhelming.

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          I believe I'll be a first timer this year.  I've worked with FileMaker for about 4 years, but everything I've learned about FileMaker has been from what was required at the moment.   Did the FileMaker Professional Training a few years back, but there is still so much that I don't know.  Looking at the sessions available, I feel I could use some of the beginners sessions as well as intermediate.


          Any words of wisdom you can impart will be appreciated!

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            This will be my first time. I started w/FM about one year ago. In February I got my FM11 Certification and I decided that I deserve a trip to Miami to see 'in live' the real FM world. I'm coming from Spain, so cost is really an issue, but...I hope it is a good investment.


            Primary interest is to get a solution for deploying solutions over iOS devices. From my perspective, these devices need to work many times without connection (planes, remote customer locations and so). The issue is how to choose a good deployment strategy and design a good synchonization scripts. I think that coming back from DevCon with a clear mind on that respect would be already a success.

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              Heya Klgibbs - I'd suggest a few basic things on your first devcon...


              1. Don't try to do everything! My first time, I was so worried about making sure I maximized my investment and got everything possible, I ended up getting exhausted by the middle of the week and couldn't focus much any more... If there are no sessions that interest you in one block of time - go sit by the pool relax - meet some other FM folks - this is where one of the best rewards of DevCon - the networking.


              2. In my opinion and I'm sure others may disagree with me - I don't really pay attention to the Category assigned (Beginner, Intermediate, etc) - that's a very arbitrary and difficult rating to assign because one person's "intermediate" is another person's "beginner"... My rule of thumb has become reading the session description carefully and just deciding if that is something that I need or am interested in - i don't pay attention to the category. You will know most of the time within the first 5 minutes if you're in over your head but even then - sessions like that can be great introductions to get you inspired to learn more on certain subjects.


              3. If possible arrive a day early - wander around and introduce yourself - the greatest resource I found at my first devcon was my fellow attendees who more often than not are more than eager to help a new developer get the lay of the land. Don't be shy - take advantage to meet and get to know as many people as you can. Attend all the functions - and the free meals. Not only do you save money - again you meet lots of people


              Hope some of this helps - shoot me an email/pm if you like - i can usually be found in the lounge on the day before reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones!

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                Hi Rafael! Much of my response to the poster above you applies but since you are a little more focused on finding more specific targeted information - obviously the sessions relating iOS distribution would be more beneficial and interesting to you.


                Again - i can't emphasize enough how important it is to talk and meet fellow attendees - over the many years I've been to devcon - most of my best discoveries have been from just chatting with someone about how they do something or designed a system.

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                  This will be my first time, too.  I have worked with Filemaker for almost 20 years, almost all for my own companies.  Just this year I went fulltime as a developer.


                  I would love to stay at the Fountainbleu, but even with the great discount it's a little pricey.  Is there any chance of sharing a room with another developer?  Thanks.

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                    I attended my first Devcon in 2010 and there is some sound advice here.


                    Unfortunately due to the layout of the 2010 DevCon in San Diego, i had a limited opportunity to mingle and meet other developers as i was attending the FTS track that was in another tower isolated from everything else. I hope that this year everything is together and better laid out.


                    Since getting the core of FileMaker under my belot the past 2 years after attending in 2010, my plan this year is to focus on some of the more intermediate and advanced aspects of FIleMaker.


                    Fortunately this year's location happens to be in my own back yard (4 hours away) so travel is a bit easier. I'll be arriving Sunday and staying through Friday so hopefully i'll get the opportunity to meet some of you that are attending as well as other developers.

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                      I was in San Diego attending DevCon 2010 as well. However nice the hotel was as such, and I think i was very nice, I can only agree with MattLeach: the layout of the buildings was plain wrong. I attended quite a few of the FTS-tracks in the isolated tower down the road. Not good!!!


                      Last year was a lot better since everything was under the same roof, and the hotel in general was even better. So no complaints at all


                      I hope all of you first timers will be as "blown away" as I was in 2007 in Orlando. I remember going back home to Denmark with tons and tons of ideas for new ways of doing things.




                      Yes, arrive early (I'm usually there two or three days in advance due to the time difference), mingle, don't be shy, say hello, exchange business cards, have a beer (or two) together. I've met some truley wonderful people from all over the world by doing that, all thanks to DevCon.


                      Hope to see you all there ...



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                        I cannot wait. Is July here yet? Hurry up. I've been doing FM for about a year now and this will be my first DevCon. I look forward to meeting a lot of people and making some friends along the way. Plus never been to Miami so that's a plus. Hope I learn tons to bring back with me and apply to my companies db. I would love to get to mingle with some more experienced developers. 

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                          Don't worry, Michael!


                          I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.



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                            Thanks much.

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                              For those of you attending DevCon for the first time, please consider including a signature line in your postings with your name. This will help attendees recognize and connect with one another.


                              Looking forward to seeing you in Miami.


                              Best wishes,


                              Beatrice Beaubien, PhD

                              i2eye, Toronto, Canada


                              FileMaker Business Alliance

                              FileMaker Certified Developer

                              Knowledge Translation Certified Professional

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                                Good suggestion, Beatrice.  I am still interested in sharing a room at the



                                Ross James

                                Database Logic LLC


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                                  Another first timer here flying in from New Zealand.


                                  I have been working with FileMaker for a couple of years and plan to sit the certification exam later in the year.


                                  I will be trying to focus on FileMaker GO sessions.



                                  Paul Thomas


                                  AA Tourism

                                  Auckland, New Zealand.

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                                    Hi Ross,


                                    I am also heading to DevCon for the first time.


                                    I have a room booked at the Fontainebleau and would be glad to share accommodation & cost with someone.


                                    ... Steve.   steve@scoopconsulting.ca


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