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    Get Image from URL in FM6


      Hi There,


      I have a client who is still running FM6 (long story!) and who has a table with field containing a URL to an image on a web server for each record. I need to be able to run script to run through a found set and download the image into a container field in the same record. It's not forever but for about a year untl he is able to migrate everything over to the latest version.


      Is there a plugin still around for Filemaker 6 that will do this? He's running on MacOS Snow Leopard.




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          Hi Jules,


          I don't know about plugins for this but I do have a suggestion.


          I assume the images are all in a folder with perhaps subfolders.

          If you import all the images from the folder into a separate db/table and capture the FileName and Path and Thumbnails as well as the image into separate fields on import, you should then be able to parse/calculate a path that matches the format of the one in the master database. You can then create an import to update the master image records matching the URLs.


          - Lyndsay