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    ability to modify fields from another table


      I am new to FM. I added fields from another table into the current table I am working on. When I go into browse mode I cannot do anything with those fields. Why is this happening?

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          Stephen Huston

          It's unclear to me what exactly you have done.


          Have you copied fields from one table to another via Copy in one table definition and then go to another table definition and pasted them in, so they now exist in both tables, or


          Have you placed some fields from one table into a layout based on another table?


          What type of fields? Calcs?


          If fields from a notehr table than the base table of the layout, are they properly related? If not related, probably won't be anything editable as there is no related record to allow editing?


          Has the permission set of the logged in account had field editing settings pre-set so that "New tables" are not editable without resetting the permissions on the new table manually?


          I lot of possible reasons why something might not be editable, so we need more info about your specific situation.

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            Thanks for your reply.  I used the insert field command and used a field that was in a related table.  The fields are number fields. I am not sure that I got the relationship correct. this might be the issue  The permisions for the user is set correctly. 

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              Stephen Huston

              Try using the Set Field command rather than the Insert command. Insert requires that you be able to enter the field on the layout before it works, while Set Field works if you have permissions, even if the target field is not on any layout.


              Insert is right down there at the bottom of reliable commands, along with scripted copy/paste commands. Don't use them unless you have to as they are layout dependant, while Set Field is not. It works anywhere if you have to correct permissions.

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                I'm reading into this that you are not scripting the actions, but are trying to enter values manually into the field.


                If this is correct, check two things:

                #1, does the table your layout is based on have a record active?  You cannot add data if there is no active record.

                #2, in File>Manage>Database (on the relationship tab) open the relationship link (double click it) and check that records may be created in the related table via the relationship.


                If there is no related record in the child table, a related record must be created in order to enter the value.  And from your "parent table" layout, this record is created via the relationship.


                Is this what you're facing?