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    Simple questions from a FM-newbie


      Hi all,


      I hope one can find 15 seconds to reply to this: :-)


      I have been using FM5 for many years and I now plan an upgrade.


      1. Will the Free Demo-version (30 days) give me all functionality, or only limited functionality?


      2. Can I upgrade from Free Demo to "payable" (and thereby keep all my data)?


      3. The Free Demo-version seems to be "English language-only". When I upgrade to "payable" can I then change language to "Danish" and all works as if I bought the Danish system from start?


      4. Can I upgrade (technical) from "FM5" to "FM11" without (expected) problems? Anything specific I should know before I do this?




      Thanks for your help.



      Soren K

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          Hi Soren,


          1) The free demo will give you all the FM Pro functionality, but if you are serious about developing you should get the developer version, that will give you a lot of tools, like a debugger, custom functions, database design reports and runtimes


          2) Yes, your databases stay intact.


          3) On a Mac the demo installs the dutch version on my system, the full version has all the available languages.


          4) FM 11 is a big change from FM 5 and only the easiest FM5 go without issues. search the technet forum for more details about converting bigger FM 5 files.


          Best regards,


          Ruben van den Boogaard

          Infomatics Software


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