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    FileMaker Pro Size Limit?




      We have a FileMaker Pro v5 Database that has been in existence for about 10 years now. To my knowledge no data has been archived off of it. I was wondering if we will hit a size limit on this file eventually? When this limit is hit, will it say so or will it just start operating "strangely"? Has anyone experienced this before?



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          Stephen Huston

          I definitely HAVE seen this very nasty problem. There is a 2 GB limit on file sizes for pre-7 FMP files.


          When you hit that limit the file will quit. Done, you cannot open it again.


          I have done lots of cleanup over the years for maxed-out pre-7 files. The solution when this happens is to have a clean clone of the file that you were clever enough to save before there were any problems (or it's too late!)


          Then you take the 2-gig file that won't open, and convert it to a newer version of FMP/A7 or later. Then you figure out what to remove from the data to get the rest back under 2 GB. After removing that, export the remaining data to a different file format than FM so that the Clone of the pre-7 file can read it to import the data.


          Don't let it catch you unprepared!