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    Inherited FileMaker Pro v5 Database




      I've inherited a FileMaker Pro v5 database and know nothing about it. I'm trying to get up to speed on it...is there a good set of tutorials that tells you what this animal can and cannot do?


      In Microsoft Access you have underlying code called VBA. Is there something similar in FileMaker Pro v5? Can anyone tell me how I can take a look at the code that someone before me might have developed?



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          Stephen Huston

          You cannot get at "underlying code" at the application-encoding level, but, if you have a Full Access account, you can open the file with the ability to see all of the object-based FM-native scripts, table and field definitions, layout structures, etc.


          You must have a Full Access account to do this. Many  FM files are set to open without requiring a password, but many of those files open with lower-level permissions than are needed to get into the guts of the beast.


          If you know a Full Access password, but are not being offered anywhere to log in, Open the file while holding down the Shift Key (windows) or the Option key (Mac). This will force the login screen to appear for you to enter your Full Access password instead of opening with limited permissions.


          If you don't have Full Access permission when the file opens, you usual cannot see how anything works.


          FileMaker's support for version 5 is no longer available. I believe the oldest version still officially supported is FileMaker 9, which is now several years old. If the file is worth keeping (after you look it over) consider migrating it to a current version.