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    Script being run by FMS aborting with error 101


      A script which runs perfectly in FMA 11 aborts when being run by a scheduled event in FMS. When I run it in FMA with pause on error set, error 101 shows at the end of a loop with the step go to next record, exit after last. And in general, although FM literature says otherwise, settting error capture to on does not seem to be supported by the schedule maker in FMS.


      Any suggestions or comments hugely welcome - with many thanks in advance.

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          Instead of exiting on last record, use a variable set: 




          and add 1 to the count after your script step performed it's task.


          You can capture the errors and log them. Then you'd have a better idea of what’s happening on the server.


          Make sure you are not opening new windows on the server, because the server can't do that. 


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            Stephen Huston

            Check your script steps to be sure they are all Server enabled. Use the Show Compatability menu in the script editor by setting it to Server to see if anything the script is trying isn't supported on server-side scripts.

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              We have run into this a few times with scripts that run on the server. I'm not sure why it is seen as an error that will stop a script when it is running server side, but not in FM Pro..


              To get around it, instead of using:


              Go to Record/Request[Next; Exit after last]


              We replaced it with the following two steps:


              Exit Loop If[Get(RecordNumber) = Get(FoundCount)]

              Go To Record/request[Next]

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                MANY thanks to all of you for three VERY helpful, different and informative approaches to solving this problem.  Is there another profession in the world as unselfish and collaborative as ours?

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                  Just for additional information, in the Go To Next Record, exit after last always returns a 101 error when the last record is processed. It works like a keyboard, for those who may not know, a keyboard does not collect the keys pressed, rather it reports where the circuit on the keyboard is broken. Hence it is a diagnostic tool used in reverse. I press the “a” key the keyboard says the circuit broke at location address xxxx and the OS says, Hey that’s where the “a” sits, let’s put an “a” on the screen. I came by this realization from an old hardware technician years ago and always found it interesting.


                  Sorry, back to point. The Go To Record , exit after last in essence goes to the next record until an error 101 condition exists then exits the control loop. Others have provided a way to execute through the list, leaving the loop gracefully when all records have been acted upon. Go to Record , exit after last  is the brute force method, i.e. process until you cannot continue.  If you use this statement, just realize that error 101 simply means the script step exited normally.