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    Updater 11.0v4 for Lion not launching


      Hi All


      I am trying to update Filemaker 11.0v2 but when i launch the updater i get this opening up in text editor and the updater does not run.


      Last login: Wed Mar 28 11:16:48 on ttys000

      Stephs-Mac-Mini:FileMaker 11 v4 Updates.mpkg stephanieskeet$


      Filemaker Pro 11 is closed before i run the updater. I have also tried downloading the updater again.

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          Stephen Huston

          This looks like an installer log file may be opening, which might  be normal if it stayed out of sight in the background.


          Check that all other applications and utilities have been Quit before launching the installer.


          I haven't done any FM updater in Lion, having updated all FM products before upgrading my test system to Lion, so can't speak from direct experience, but most installers want everything Quit before they run.


          However, some of them don't catch everything on their own. The quit all applications should include any background and startup helper applications which may not be visible in the Dock.


          Which revision of Lion are you running? If not the latest, try updating that as well.


          I'm sure there are a lot of other possiblities, but those above came to mind.

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            HI Stephen


            Thanks for that.......i have tried closing all applications, even restarted then checked no applications running and still get the same error. It is Lion 10.7.3. I have run OS updates and there are no OS updates to install. How do i check for applications running in background or hidden applications?

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              Stephen Huston

              You can go into the System Settings > Accounts to see see if there are any "startup" applications.


              You can go into the Apple Menu (Finder, top left Apple button) and Select Force Quit to see what is running and make it/them stop (all except Finder, it would just restart itself anyway, and is OK).


              And, as I mentioned, it may be something else. If these don't do it,a dn nobody else jumps in, you may to contact FileMaker Inc about an "installation failure" to see what help they can provide. Be sure to have all your system info at hand when you're ready to talk to them.


              Good luck.