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Question asked by gregmerriman on Mar 28, 2012
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I think my question may be too basic to bother you guys with but here's hoping !


I have a small database which is used to evaluate examination results for students. They must pass five different subjects in order to qualify and there is a field for the status of each individual subject which shows whether or not (based on the mark awarded) they have passed. I also have a field for their overall status which should indicate that they have passed the entire course provided that the status of each individual subject is Pass.


I have tried using the Case and If functions but have had no success in having the Overall Status field indicate the correct status (in fact it remains blank).


What I suppose I am trying to achieve is for the calculation to evaluate the field Status_1 and if this indicates a pass to move on to Status_2, and so on through Status_3, Status_4 and Status_5. If it reaches the end without encountering a result other than pass then it would display the word "Pass" in the overall status field. If at any stage of the evalutaion process it discovered a status of Repeat then it would display the word "Repeat" in the overall status, or if it encountered to sit as the status during evaluation then it would enter "To Sit". Finally if there is no data in all of the evaluated fields then the calculation would return no result.


Can anybody help with which function I should use to accomplish this ?