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    Installing 9v1 on Lion


      Got a situation where a client wants FMP 9 on a new Mac that's running 10.7.3. He doesn't want to risk using 11 to develop because the IT folks are dragging their feet with upgrading to 11 and wants to make sure that he doesn't introduce any non-9 functions etc. Originally I thought this was a problem with applying the 9v3 update but realized the issue is evident with 9v1 install itself. I deleted and reinstalled 9v1 and at end of saying it was successfully installed but then got an error about not being able to launch Open SSL because PowerPC apps are no longer supported.


      FMP 9 appears to work and allows you to create a new document and edit it. The problem is with "Remote". When you try and go to Remote you get a "Can't share a file with a client or ... because the networking stack could not be initialized."


      The knowledge base says this can be caused by installing with a LDAP account or Active Directory account but in this case I installed using a local admin account.


      My copy of FMP 9v3 Advanced migrated over from my 10.6 Intel Mac to my new 10.7 Mac very nicely and can open a remote server (although the FMP 10 did not) so I assume that 9 somehow can be run on 10.7. I do see where Filemaker released a Help file about 9 not being compatible and I know that the kind folks at Filemaker won't be able to help. So, I have one copy working that migrated so I guess if you stand on one foot and pat your head you can get it to work. The question is does anyone have a hack to make it work.


      Any suggestions?


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          Hi Daniel,


          For a discussion of your SSL and networking stack not able to initialize, please see these:





          I could be wrong, but I don't think Rosetta is the culprit here (is there something I am missing?). Also, when you said 7v3, you meant 9v3?


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          But  when I try the 7v3 SSL upgrade it appears to install with no problem then at the very end an error message popups up saying Open SSL can't open, obviously because it needs Rosetta.



          Plus now I have an issue where this instance of 9 can't open Remote because for stack network error. I suspect it is from the failed v3 upgrade and currently uninstalling and reinstalling to see if it fixes the remote situation. Since 9 is pretty much deprecated any suggestions on v3 upgrade OR if it really is necessary?

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            Thanks. I will check out the links. Yes. I meant 9v3. The error message clearly stated that PowerPC apps are not supported. I assume that indicates that Rosetta would be required to run a PowerPC app. The question though is the app in question really isn't a PowerPC App and the error is false. That could be a possibility considering my 9v3 Advanced that migrated over from 10.6 works just fine.



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              Please note that I have had version 9 running with Lion for quite some time without drama (Rosetta is required for Save as Excel and Export as Excel) HOWEVER, and this is a BIG WARNING, Apple recently (about 1 month ago) release a 'security update' for Lion, which absolutely killed version 9 on Lion. The Application opened, crashed and corrupted my file. This happened on a few attempts (different files each time)



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                on 2012-03-29 15:24 Beatrice Beaubien wrote

                For a discussion of your SSL and networking stack not able to initialize, please see these:

                http://bit.ly/9t8rpz http://bit.ly/9t8rpz>

                  <  http://bit.ly/dymwte http://bit.ly/dymwte>

                http://bit.ly/cgcg1t http://bit.ly/cgcg1t>


                the following document is addressed to OS X 10.6, where Rosetta is optional,

                but it seems to address the situation on 10.7 directly:




                when i tried installing FMPA 9.0v1 on OS X 10.7 i got the OpenSSL error; then

                activation spent about 10 minutes "waiting for response", finally succeeded


                the 9.0v3 updater gave me the two OpenSSL errors again, but the installation

                "succeeded" and the version number reported is 9.0.3


                i do not see the crashing/corruption behavior reported by Peter Windle, despite

                having all OS updates installed (but not the recent Safari & iTunes updates);

                nonetheless i am cautious about using version 9 on Lion

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                  Stephen Huston

                  FileMaker's official version history list for FileMaker and OS compatibility lists ONLY 11v4 as fully Lion- compatible.


                  Even FMP 11v3 is listed as compatible only thru Mac OS 10.6.


                  The latest version of FM9 was 9.0v3, which is listed as compitble only thru OS X 10.5


                  These are sometimes recommendations, and sometimes just the last OS version for which capatability was actually tested prior to release, but the fact that 11v3 and 11v4 have different Lion capatiblities in the list is at least an official caution.


                  Yet it would be nice to know under what combination of settings Lion will run FM 9, and others where it won't.


                  FM Version & OS history, see:


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                    I know this thread is a little old, but the "because the networking stack could not be initialized." sounds like a server.pem corruption. You may want to try copying a new server.pem from a working mac and see if can open remote.