Installing 9v1 on Lion

Discussion created by DDoughtie on Mar 28, 2012
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Got a situation where a client wants FMP 9 on a new Mac that's running 10.7.3. He doesn't want to risk using 11 to develop because the IT folks are dragging their feet with upgrading to 11 and wants to make sure that he doesn't introduce any non-9 functions etc. Originally I thought this was a problem with applying the 9v3 update but realized the issue is evident with 9v1 install itself. I deleted and reinstalled 9v1 and at end of saying it was successfully installed but then got an error about not being able to launch Open SSL because PowerPC apps are no longer supported.


FMP 9 appears to work and allows you to create a new document and edit it. The problem is with "Remote". When you try and go to Remote you get a "Can't share a file with a client or ... because the networking stack could not be initialized."


The knowledge base says this can be caused by installing with a LDAP account or Active Directory account but in this case I installed using a local admin account.


My copy of FMP 9v3 Advanced migrated over from my 10.6 Intel Mac to my new 10.7 Mac very nicely and can open a remote server (although the FMP 10 did not) so I assume that 9 somehow can be run on 10.7. I do see where Filemaker released a Help file about 9 not being compatible and I know that the kind folks at Filemaker won't be able to help. So, I have one copy working that migrated so I guess if you stand on one foot and pat your head you can get it to work. The question is does anyone have a hack to make it work.


Any suggestions?