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Default Layout Rules: do I need to pull a file off the server to change?

Question asked by usbc on Mar 28, 2012
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FMSA (Windows) / FMPv11 (both Mac and Windows)

It appears that before any script can take hold, the file being served goes to a default layout for a moment and then proceeds to the layout called in the opening script.

Is this one of those cases where I need to take down the file and run it on a desktop client to change the default layout ? (OnFirstWindowOpen)


This matters because the current default layout (now) needs to be avoided because a Privledge Set (now being added) can not have access to it.

Thus users logging in via the new Priv Set get flashed with "No Access". It bothers them and they are the clients. Plus it is just wrong.


I can see that this question was asked (D. Terry) in the old archives forum but I can't find the punchline.

Thanks Chuck