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    Market Research and Filemaker Database Question


      Can anyone help us sort out this problem? Read below...


      We use Filemaker for our Market Research database. In the scope of maintaining an accurate record of our market research participants we must have a field in our database that tracks all past studies each participant has ever participated in. However, we have come across an obstacle as we try to share that information with our market research study ‘recruiters’. We have utilized Instant Web Publishing of Filemaker that enables our recruiters to logon and view the participant records.

      The “Past Studies” field is filled in with the data contained in four other fields. These fields, as seen below are “kf..”, “studyname”, “Study Date” & “Study Time”. We use the button as seen below “Move Current Study to Past” to move the data in “Past Studies”.

      Here’s the problem:

      As you can see below, in the field “Past Studies”, I am able to click into the field and view all the past studies of individual participants. This is what we want our recruiters to be able to see when they logon to the database via the Instant Web Publishing link.


      But what they see is displayed below. How can we make this field a drop down field using the Instant Web Publishing link without giving the recruiters full access to change the records


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          I am not an expert in IWP, but it seems to me that is not your problem here.   Your problem is that in this view, you cannot see what is in the field unless you click into it, and you do not want IWP users to enter the field and edit it.  Is that right?


          Using table view - you are limited because the field cannot expand unless you click into the field.  If you let them enter the field, then they can modify it.  So you have a couple of choices.  You could change the layout to a list or form view and make the field larger so they can see what is in it, but you will probably still run into the problem of some records having too much data to display.


          As an alternative - how about using a calculation field that is equal to the Past Studies field, and putting the calc field on the IWP layout?  Allow entry into the calc field - because calculations cannot be edited.  That will allow them to click into the field and see the full contents, but they won't be able to edit.  It's a "view only" field.  You could also change the permissions to give them view only access to the field, and that should allow them to click in without modifying.


          Hope that helps




          PS - Thinking about this - it sounds like you are using the same layout for data entry that you are using for the IWP users.  Why not use a different layout for IWP?  Then you can customize the layout to display the information they need.  Use this layout for data entry - restrict access to users who CAN edit records..


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