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Server Crashing once a week

Question asked by SEG-IT-Support on Mar 29, 2012
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We are experiencing an annoying problem with our Filemaker Server.


This is the description of our environment:

- Filemaker 11 advance Server (11.04.404) running on a Mac Mini (Lion), with the latest updates installed. There are several schedules running on the server.

- Filemaker web service (Filemaker 11 advance Server 11.04.404) is running on another Mac Mini (Snow Leopard), with the latest updates installed


This is the problem we are experiencing for one month:

The server is crashing once a week. We noticed that when it happened, the server is still running but with all its ports closed. Therefore, it is impossible to connect on the database remotely, since the ports 16000, 5003 and several others are closed.


Does anyone have ever experienced such a problem ?


Thank you for your help.