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license key conflict

Question asked by Floor_IDGnet on Mar 29, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2012 by StephenWonfor

Hi you all,


My FMSA (v11) testserver reports the next message:


Client "(IDGNET-VWS002) [<<external ip-address>>]" denied access because the license key is already in use by client "Floor (IDGNET-VWS002) []".


Browsing this forum some users have experianced the same error but always from a client-re-connection.

In this case the error shows only on one specific database when I login from a client (my workstation) let's say for creating serverscripts, then logoff, and then login by remote-desktop on the dedicated FMSA-server to check them. I have also installed a client on that machine (other serial! ). I always wait for 2 cups of coffee before logon.


Both reported IP-addresses are basicaly the same machine.


Login and logout on the specific database are scripted as well.

1) It opens with a low permission accound for writhing logon-entry's

2) After reseiving credentials fron the user it re/logon with the desired account/permissions

3) After using it re-logins at a low permission account for writhing logoff-entry's

4) After writhing them there is a clean "close file".


Other databases don't show this problem.


Any suggestions are welkom.


Floor, The Netherlands.