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    unzip not working


      Hi i am using BaseElements be_unzip function. i need to extract zip file in temporary path. i get the temporary path in $path variable. I am using windows platform. if i give be_unzip("$path1.zip") it is not working. Please help to resolve.

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          Try this be_unzip(Quote( $path & “1.zip”)).







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            Usually I find there is a problem in formatting the referenced file.  What I usually do is make a field just before the unzip step and create a single variable with the full path in it.  Then in the be_unzip(Quote ( $Var ) ) will be this single variable.  But by having separated into two steps, you can use the debugger to see the value just prior to the unzip step.  Frequently there will be wrong backslashes or mixed with forward slashes or you forget to lead off with double back slashes or something like that.  The devil is in the details on file references <grin>.  So it is good to see the value of the file path you are trying to unzip to make sure it is correct. 

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              Your example code won't work, as it's quoting the variable :

              be_unzip ( "$path\1.zip" )

              and that's not how you use variables. You would need to use :

              be_unzip ( $path & "\1.zip" )

              But even still, you're setting the variable to a FileMaker path using a Get function. That won't work either, as the plugin only works with OS level paths, and the Get functions return paths in a special FileMaker format. You'd need to convert it. I have an example here : http://www.goya.com.au/blog/guide-filemaker-import-paths

              You can use the SelectFile functions in the plugin to get an example path that will work.  You don't need to use the Quote function at all.



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                Thank you. I am using window platform and filemaker pro 11 so i cannot see your custom function is there any other way to do it..