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    Random Text


      I would like to display a random text upon layout entry or daily,

      Is that possible?

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          A random text can be quotes or something you store in a table then you just randomly pick a record to show (based on a random number) when entering the layout.


          Is that what you had in mind?


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            I assume by random text, you have something say a phrase of the day and you have a list of phrases.  They can either be stored as an array in the script or probably better as a field in a table so that it is easy to add, modify or delete these phrases. 


            What you do on your script is go to the phrases table, show all, and do a record count to find out how many records you have.  Then use the Random function (gives a number between 0 and 1) multiplied times the number of phrases and truncate the decimal.  This will give you a randomly selected number corresponding to a record with a phrase in it and each time you run the script, it will randomly select a new phrase. 


            Is that what you mean and do you understand my explanation?  If not, I can show each script step if that would help. 

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              That's it exactly. I'll give it a try.



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                yes that's what I mean..

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                  Random * 100


                  So how do I run this daily or onobjectenter?

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                    You can use the ScriptTrigger for when you load the layout so that every time you go to that layout, it would run this random script.  I also always have a startup script that I do various things when someone opens a file and this would be an example of something I might do in the startup script too. 

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