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    Waiting on given layout until records are found


      So I have this issue. A FM solution hosted on a FMS11A works as a front end on a Oracle 11g db.

      The solution is then served through IWP.

      FileMaker "find" on these ESSs is painfully slow and in IWP no form of "progress" is shown unless the tiny inscription at the bottom of page "waiting for server..."


      The solution is scorchingly simple and it's made of a FIND layout, a RESULTS layout.

      My goal is to have the solution to wait on a third layout called "PROGRESS" showing an animated .gif with a progress circle, while the query is perfomed, and thereafter move onto the "RESULTS" table layout and show the records.


      But cannot have the layout to wait untill the records are loaded...


      I have used these scripts:


      file startup script:

      Go to Layout ["FIND" (ITEMS)]

      Enter Find Mode []


      execute find script:

      Go to Layout ["PROGRESS" (ITEMS)]

      Perform Find []


      On the layout called "PROGESS" I have defined a script trigger as follow:

      OnRecordLoad: execute script GO_TO_RESULTS


      GO_TO_RESULTS script:


      Go to Layout ["RESULTS" (ITEMS)]


      Any suggestion is very welcome!