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Screen Refresh issue during Find and Replace

Question asked by EvanGoldstein on Mar 29, 2012



While doing a Find and Replace, the screen does not redraw if the next found item requires FM to navigate to a record that is not on the current screen. For example if there are 50 records in the List view and only 25 can be displayed at one time, as soon as the Find and Replace needs to navigate to a record that is not in the current view, the screen goes white, and it appears that the Find and Replace stop working.


Is this a known issue? The only workaround I have so far is to shrink the magnification via the "mountains" at the bottom of the window, and then dot he Find and Replace. But this still is sn issue if there is a large found set.


I'm using the Find and Replace to allow people to find copy within their found set, and without disturbing the current found set.


Using FM 10.v3 on a Mac.