Charts Causing Performance Issues

Discussion created by swheeler on Mar 29, 2012

I have an odd issue with charting on a list view.

We have a capacity file that looks at several outside files for data and computes a % capacity for manufacturing for the day.


We had been generating a graph like graphic using |||||| characters (1-100) without issue for years.

When we upgraded to FMPA11 we utilized the new charting tool to replace the old homebrew model.

The layout in question is a list view layout, each record represents a work day and has a chart to display capacity. All values used in the chart are local to the table.


The issue: When I navigate to the layout in question, it seems to grab a hold of a lot of resources on the client. We noticed the behavior when a user performed an parsing script (in another filemaker db)that usually takes less the 10 seconds to run, and after viewing the list of charts, the task took in upwards of 6 minutes.

This is repeatable on all of our clients. The resource chew is only initialized when viewing that particular layout. If I view a list layout that instead displays a numeric % as capacity all is well.



Any thoughts are appreciated...