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    Password Concern


      I suddenly need a password to open my backup copies? Why?

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          Guessing you are on a Mac and you have saved the passwords in the keychain - then your backup copies have a different file name and the keychain doesn't recognize them





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            Another possibility is if you are using Active Directory or Open Directory for authentication since FileMaker supports Single Sign On and will log you in automatically if your credentials match.  But your backups won't be connected to the password authentication service, so you'll need to manually put them in.  But I agree with Karen, you are more likely to have a Mac and it is a keychain issue. 

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              Thank you for your responses.


              The problem suddenly occurred after almost two years working with my database. I don't know what I could have changed to cause such a problem. Now I'm thinking it has something to do with IWP.


              Now I just want to know what my password was or is so I can change it or use it.





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                OK, so I am going to assume neither Karen or my suggestions were right for your situation.  Is it possible that you are using External data and that is what it is asking you to authenticate to?  It could be another FileMaker database or it could be an ODBC or JDBC connection?  If you can at least narrow it down to the data source, you may be able to figure out your forgotten User ID and password.

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                  Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Charter Internet went down.


                  I'm an amateur. I know nothing about ODBC, JDBC, Active Directory, or Open Directory.


                  One day I can open backups in the same way I open my database.  The next day I couldn't, but I don't know how long it was since I opened a backup prior to discovering this issue.


                  I do nothing sophisticated with my database except to manually add records.


                  What are my options? All I want is to do is open my backups. I'm the only user on my Mac, and I don't use a password to get into my computer.


                  I still think it has something to do with setting up IWP (Instant Web Publishing). I was concerned with my database being on the web and I think I set up a password.


                  How can I check out the keychain possibility and the IWP?


                  Thank you again.




                  PS. I'm actually very organized. Can't imagine why I can't find my password.

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                    If you are on a mac - this is likely the problem - many times people save the password and then use the file for years and forget they did it.  You can find it.  Go to the Applications / Utilities / Keychain Access and open it.. Then look at the list of stored passwords and doubleclick on the one for your file.  Then click show password to see the password.


                    Even though you auto-login to your mac, it may also have a password.  If it does, the Keychain will ask you for it before allowing you to see the stored password.  This is likely why the backup broke - the keychain is connected to the filename.  If you change the filename, even a little, the keychain does not recognize it any more.


                    And you should use a password to log in to your computer, even if you are the only one at home (sorry, soapbox).  If your computer is stolen, I bet you have some sensitive data on it somewhere.  You do not want it to be wide open to a thief.   That is just as bad as having it on the web.



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                      Aren't you the smart one.

                      Thank you.

                      Found it where you said it would be.

                      It was created when I first started using Instant Web Publishing

                      It now works for opening previous backups. But I had already deleted the password-tiny-bullets and went back to Admin. No big deal.

                      Thank you again. I love this forum. I've had a Mac since 1994 and I don't think I've used a forum more than maybe a few times.






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                        You are welcome -  more experienced than smart, though - I  have done the exact same thing you did...  More than once.  And my partner is a Mac consultant since 1984...  so he trained me how to get my passwords back..