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    FMP Scanner


      I have created a File Maker information form and a printed form as well.


      Do you know of any scanners that will scan the data and insert it into preferred fields?


      Basically taking the information on the paper and putting the data into a File Maker record with the pre-created form.



      Any help would be appreciated!





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          There are some big time solutions that are very expensive that will do this on a large scale, but I find that is not what most FileMaker type customers need.  What I have done is scan to PDF and use Acrobat Professional to OCR the data.  You can then import PDF text using a plugin like PDFManipulator by Productive Computing.  You then have to import the entire text and use text searching techniques to determine where the various fields are located in the text to import them in the appropriate fields.  This is a bit of hiss or miss, but can be made to work if you don't my some QA/QC work.  What I prefer are sending people PDFs with fields already in them that they can fill out.  You can add the fields with Acrobat Professional.  Then PDFManipulator will take very specific fields from the PDF form and place them in specific FileMaker fields and that works great. 


          But in todays world, if you can get Instant Web Publishing going off of a FileMaker Server, then you can have people access the form directly in a web browser and be typing right into FileMaker and that is the best way to do things in my opinion. 

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