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    ODBC Connection - "? Records"


      I've recently connected an ODBC datasource to filemaker, and while the fields come through, not all the records are imported.

      Please see attached file.


      I am using:

      SQL Server 2008

      FMPA 11


      Just wanting to know why it says "? Records" and how to get it to show the records in the SQL database.


      Thanks in advance

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          Hi Stratlake,




          With ESS connections, filemaker does not get the records from SQL until a request is made, i.e. use in a layout, calculation, etc. Since no request has been made at the point in time you are viewing the table in manage database, filemaker has no way of knowing how many SQL records exist.


          When you, for instance, go to the layout which displays records from the SQL connection, filemaker will determine the record count.







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            Hi Tim,


            Thank you for your great advice. When I created a new layout and made the request, the "?" were replaced with the record counts.


            However, in a related problem, in this new layout, one of my fields, id, comes up as <No Access>. Furthermore, when I investigated further in 'Manage Database', the field type comes up as 'Unknown'.


            Can anybody help me out with a solution?

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              Hi stratlake,


              What is your ESS database? MS SQL, MySQL or ORACLE??, Right?

              Could you view this field previously?

              Do you know the native data type of the id field?


              I believe FM defaults to text when the native data type doesn't translate to any other FM data type directly.


              More info about this field could help.





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