Data Separation Drama

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Mar 30, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2012 by sastickf

Hello all, I'm building a solution that is done using a data separation model... I have relationships in both the GUI file and the DATA file...


I have a bunch of relationships in a child record to show related data from another table, matching between the child table uses calculation fields to match values in another reference table, easy enough... however...


The calculation fields pull data from parent files. I found that when I changed values in the parent table fields, thus changing the values in the child fields, the matching values from the other table would NOT refresh, it would still show values from a previous relationship. Ba-bow!


Now, I have just spent the last 5-6 hours trying to refresh windows (flushing caches), preview/browse etc, only to discover that the problem needed to be resolved by doing a refresh window from the DATA file, NOT the GUI file, thus forcing the calculations to refresh.


Really, calculations should never need to be refreshed, however, FileMaker needs to refresh values in fields, but the moral of this story is REFRESH FROM THE FILE that the fields reside in!!!

Doing the refresh from the GUI file does NOTHING in this case, even though the DATA file is hidden, it still needs a refresh script called by the GUI file for the values to update.


Yippie. FileMaker is so much fun, ummm, not really, I'd rather be asleep now. It's not yet midnight, but not far from it!