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      How do you change the user name in the general preferences through a script.

      4-2-12 The issue I am attempting to resolve is that I designed an access program for a gated community. It is networked on a workgroup system having a server and 9 work stations. Workstation logon is by location, not an individual and the workstation may up for days with multiple users. I created a simple login script to access the FileMaker Program by individual names and would like to have the user name attached to each record as it is created and modified. The login script is shared along with the main program and after authenticating the user at the time of login, the information is released so the login script is available for the next user. The problem I have found is that I can attach the name of the computer logon name or the user name listed in the General Preferences but I cannot figure out how to carry the initial, specific user of a specific workstation, as identified with my login script, and attach it to the creation and modifications of the main program. I have thought that if I could put a temp file on the "C" drive of the specific workstation while the user is on the access FileMaker program, I could simply copy and paste it into the creation or modification records through a script. When I could not figure that out, I thought if I could change the name in the General Preferences, the problem would be easily solved.

      I hope what I said makes since. Thanks



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          There is no such FileMaker script step.  You would have to do something external like run an AppleScript which can be started from FileMaker. 


          So why do you want to change the User Name in the general preferences?

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            Exactly what user name are you referring to? Are you referring to a FileMaker user account or something else? 


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              THere is a scrit step that opens FMP's preferences, but apart from that, as others have already said, there is no dirct way to change this setting.


              The user name in the preferences is really only a legacy feature and should not be relied on for anything like security because it can be modified by the end user without restriction.

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                Would calling the Relogin script step upon Opening the file help? You can specify the parameters or request that they be entered.


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                  I think it might be a better idea to describe what you want to achieve rather than ask about the specifics of this How-to...

                  That way we might have some suggestions that you hadn't thought about.... ie not so many square pegs and round holes....


                  - Lyndsay

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                    Thank you for your information. It seemed simple but I missed it. I modified the logon script to include the re-login and although I need to modify the basic login program I had created, it will not be difficult to allow this solution. Thanks again.


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                      The correct answer was actually given by Beverly.

                      Why then did you give the 4 points to yourself?

                      How is this even possible?


                      - Lyndsay

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                        More importantyl, what is the significance of points anyway? Do they actually serve any purpose?



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                          Hi Lyndsay;


                          I returned to the forum tonight and saw you were right. This is the first time I have used the forum and do not know what I did to give credit to myself. I replied to Beverly to thank her out of simple courtesy and noted that the issue has been answered in her answer. Actually the question was not completely answered but it did point me into the right direction. I also wanted to say that I had no knowledge of point credits and was simply trying to get some thoughts. It may not be what you were looking for but it is the truth.



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                            Hi Jeff,


                            Thanks for the response.

                            I shouldn't have made the comment, really, but at the time I thought "how will they ever know?".

                            I certainly didn't want to scare anyone off... I was doing my 'pedantic thing' and probably shouldn't have been commenting on anything given how little sleep I have had this week and particularly last night.

                            My hubby calls it "school-teacher mode" 'cause I used to be one.

                            I do, however, attribute my skills in FileMaker and the Internet to that very characteristic... so apologes that you felt the need to defend yourself like that.

                            I still want to know how it is possible to give points to yourself, though. That is really weird.

                            Think of something you want to learn more about in FileMaker and I'll treat you to some support time via skype or such... just send me a private message when you are ready.



                            & Marc,

                            you know I know you are right!

                            Personally I would only give points for participation... because that is how you keep it vibrant.

                            I also think that FMI could give them a value... like a Round-trip and Conference fees and Accommodation for Devcon... after all they are a "wholly owned subsiduary of Apple".

                            (and yes, I would be happy to be reset to zero annually to have that opportunity... although I do like/deserve the expert status, as you should also have! )


                            - Lyndsay