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    FREE Demo: Portal Sortal Extreme 2!


      Portal Sort Extreme 2! By Duane Weller.



      This is yet another sorting technique based on its predecessor yet simpler, that allows for dynamic multicolumn sorting. The user can click a button to sort a column, shift-click to add additional columns, click or shift-click sorted columns to reverse the sort order, AND option-click sorted columns to remove them. The scripting is even designed to allow the user to unsort the list. It can handle sorting all field types and it can sort by value lists. With only one minor difference the technique can be used to sort both list view layouts and portals. And each list can have it’s own unique sort order.


      Go Here for Demo File

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          Demo looks promising. I am curious about whether it is limited to in sorting on columns that are native the child table. Some of portals display columns which are related fields from other TOs, so would I not be able to apply this method? It seems at glance like it is dependent on the evaluation fields set up in the direct child table. And if there is no limit to the direct child TO for column sorts, do we get into problems if related fields are unstored or stored?


          Easy solution may be to just convert the portal display to fields in the child TO and ensure I have updates that created stored fields for any info I might want to display and sort by. Not deep enough into this yet to know whether that's necessary.

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            Actually, going further (or stepping backwards), does this solution mainly require that a single-file solution? My portals are based on data tables in other file and not sure how that works with the custom functions. Do they need to be in parent file or child/portal file or both, or does it only work if custom functions, parent and portal table are all part of the same file?

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              I have passed your questions onto Duane (the author) and Doug (a guru) witihin the Ex-Team to get you some answers... stay tuned.

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                There shouldn't be any problem using this technique in a data-seperation model. Global variables are used to calculate the sort field. Each FileMaker file has it's own set of global variables. So each file will have it's own independant sort using the same sort field. Since global variables only exist on the client, if the file is hosted, each client will have their own independant sort per file.


                As far as setting it up goes... It's true that some of the custom functions are needed in the data file and some for the interface. I'd recommend just importing them all into both files. That way you have what you need when you need it. Follow the rest of instructions for setting up the fields, list, portals, and scripts.


                Incase it's not real clear, keep in mind that you can setup multiple sorts for the same basetable within the same file. The example file demonstrates this. There is one "Evaluate" field for the portal and one "Evaluate" field for the list view.



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                  Thanks Duane!


                  - Christo


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