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    iPad 3 screen parameters


      iPad 3 , OSX FM11A v4


      Yes existing layouts are rendered quite well, but optimising for iPad is unavoidable. To this end:


      Exploring basic file setup and layouts for iPad 3

      Using a simple script to evaulate screen parameters and dispaly on layout as a $$var (with a flush) as below

      The layout has a bounding rectangle (2048 x 1,536 px) to visually identify the margins.

      On the iMac all is normal as per the intial paramater values

      The same file native on or shared to the iPad 3 returns very diferent values




      System platform: 1

      System version: 10.6.8


      Screen width: 2560

      Screen height: 1440


      Window desktop width: 2560

      Window desktop height: 1418


      Window width: 2063

      Window height: 1418


      Window content width: 2048

      Window content height: 1298


      Window zoom: 100




      iPad 3, same layout values:

      System platform: 3

      System version: 5.1


      Screen width: 320

      Screen height: 480


      Window desktop width: 320

      Window desktop height: 480


      Window width: 320

      Window height: 480


      Window content width: 480

      Window content height: 286


      Window zoom: 100



      the iPad 3 display is specified as 2048-by-1536-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch (ppi)

      I expected some finessing re allowing for top and bottom 'bars', and obviously the usable screen content WxH is reduced by the black border... But I can't find anything to suggested why the results are so far of the expected.


      I am obviously missing something fundamental. But what?