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Corruption or a Filemaker bug on stacked scripts?

Question asked by Dennis_Carr on Apr 3, 2012
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Help Please.


I have a series of windows and scripts stacked atop the other with each level being held at the end of the script by the Loop / Pause/Resume Script {Indefinitely] / End Loop routine. Each level is maintained by Exit script on each button running the window so the same script is being run over and over until a "Done" is clicked, closing the window/script and reverting to the next lower paused script in the stack. The stack is six scripts high. I'm moving to the top stack without doing any additonal processing at each script level except to get to the next stack up. The top window/stack is a series of records with no portals.


Problem: when l click on a check box (which runs a script), the first two clicks (each on a different/any record) processes normally. Everytime!! on the third click, four of the scripts disappear out of the stack and I'm left at the control loop (Loop / Pause/Resume Script {Indefinitely] / End Loop) of the second from bottom stack. All my prior opened windows are still open and layered as opened. Clicking on the "Done" button on the window at the script I'm left at reverts down the stack normally.


Filemaker 11 Advanced on a new iMac with Lion. Tested on another iMac, same problem, but on FMA 10. Couldn't find anything in Deleveloper Forum history.




Dennis Carr

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