Sales Order Line Item to Purchase Order Line Item

Discussion created by msmichls on Apr 3, 2012
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I am creating a Product Purchase Order from my Customer Sales Order Line items. I have a Sales Invoice table connected to the Customer Table. I have a Purchase Order table connected to the Sales Invoice Line Items table.


The idea is this:

I have two customer sales orders with items from different manufacture companies. I want to combine all the line items going to the same manufacture onto one purchase order. If the items have the same part number then I want the purchase order to total these items as one purchase order line item.


Customer A:

Boots from Company 1

Socks (part XYZ) from Company 2


Customer B

Socks (part XYZ) from Company 2

Shirt from Company 2

Pants from Company 3


I have created a new purchase order for Company 2 that shows the two Sales lines items (socks) and have assigned these items with the new purchase order number. That part works on the Sales Order and Purchase Order layouts that relate to the Sales Order Line items. I am now needing to combine these two exact part numbers (part XYZ) into a single line item on the purchase order. I presume that I need to copy the part number and details to my purchase order line items for history sake, but is this redundant or highly recommended practice? Suggestions welcome.