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    Problem with PDF printing


      Hello everibody. I would know why with the script "save as PDF", works if it's running under Filemaker, but doesn't works if I use my file as standalone application.


      I tried to give information on the filemaker help, and it could be I need to allow the printing option, from the security options. As I have seen, the Admin user has complete access permissions, including printing privileges.


      Now I really don't understand where's the problem!

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          Mike Duncan

          As I understand it, this is a licensing issue with the PDF engine that is built into FileMaker. They (FMI) have licensed this ability, presumably from Adobe, and this also allows it to work cross platform. That doesn't include extending that to your own runtime applications that you distribute, and wouldn't pay that licensing fee for the PDF functionality.


          Do you need to have this built into your solution that saves out to a PDF? There might be options, depending on your needs.




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            Think its also Datalogics involved too, so the PDF can be written form a dll not a printer driver

            FMI PDFs contain: DLI_Copyright=Datalogics Interface (DLI) Copyright (C) 1998-2008 Datalogics, Inc. -- www.datalogics.com


            Options include:

            Installing a (free) PDF writer onto the machine with the runtime

            Using Scriptmaster with iText to create the PDF from scratch from data

            Export the data to csv or something then print that locally



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              yes, I need properly this option because I need, first of all, to create a standalone application, and at second, I need to create a pdf to send by mail. The "send by mail" function already exist into filemaker, and this is not a problem. The problem is to create the pdf.

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                John, please, explain me better. As I have seen, scriptmaster, seems to be a compilation of addictive functions for FM, right? iText would be a library, right? How can I use them?

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                  I tryed to intercept the error when creating a pdf from a runtime version and I get 1 (user stopped operation).

                  I expected error 3.


                  Am I wrong?

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                    Stephen Huston

                    Your expectations make sense to me, but if it's returning error 1 it may be because it was programmed to do that if an unsupported user action is called -- canceling the user action on your behalf (gee, thanks...).