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    Delighted FMGo is now FREE :-)


      This is really great news....


      Fantastic that I can now provide solutions to anybody with iPad and iPhone without them having to purchase it.... Especially when the solutions are to be used by members of the public or large groups of people rather than smaller businesses....



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          Probably an understatement!! It's FANTASTIC news.

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            Yup, HUGE!!!

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              Smart marketing move, FileMaker, way to GO!


              Glad you did not announce this on April 1st.

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                Yes, this is good news.  But, would someone explain to me the logic behind continuing to charge for the OLDER editions?  Typically, a new version costs more than the out-of-date version.  This only puts pressure on developers to migrate solutions from 11 to 12 sooner than they might be ready, just to satisfy people who want the iOS products at the new zero price.

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                  That's HUGE!

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                    @dburnham, you answered your own question with the last sentence in your post.  FileMaker is in the busy of selling new FileMaker 12 licenses.  Free FileMaker Go 12 is a big carrot for upgrading to FileMaker 12.  If FileMaker Go 11 is free, there is less of a need to upgrade to FileMaker 12. So far, migrating from 11 to 12 seems to be a fairly easy process.  Nothing like the nightmare of going from 6 to 7.

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                      I disagree completely. As someone with many clients using 11 - we worked hard to develop a sane and safe migration plan for them to go to 12 - some of these plans can't start until the start of their fiscal years when budgets are clear again.


                      But in the meantime they're forced to pay 40 bucks for each new GO needed while they see the v12 GO is free. This may make some sense on the FM side of things but out here on the front lines it is causing a few raised eyebrows and some disappointment.


                      Even if they reduced the price for  11 to 9.99 at least - it would make our clients feel less pressured to immediately change their plans and be forced to ugrade to 12 sooner than they like or feel comfortable or can afford to.


                      And let's be completely honest here - our testing has shown the migration from the fp7 to new format to be a lot better than the last time we had to do this. However on more complicated systems involving plug-ins and serious coding - it's never a point and click conversion. Our clients insist on complete auditing and testing to ensure no data loss or impact to current processes - this takes time and resources.


                      FileMaker as a company has always had a good reputation with our clients but this situation has made them ask a lot of questions as they feel they are being punished by not immediately upgrading. (their words not mine) - we can smooth the waters for now but honestly I have not much to offer to return in explanation.

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                        I think FileMaker gave us a wonderful gift with FileMaker Go 12 being free.  Don't understand how anybody can feel they are being punished.  Would life be better if FileMaker charged $40 for FileMaker Go 12?

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                          That's a good point. Anybody managed to share an FM Go hosted file?

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                            Clients tend to compare this to other software they use - and in most other cases when a "sub-product" (for lack of a better term lol ) goes "free' on a version upgrade - their experience is that former versions also go free as well.  And if they want to expand their usage of their current 11 go implementation until they move to 12 -  it's gonna cost them 40 bucks a device when the current version is free - that 40 bucks is for a program that probably wont even be used for longer than a few weeks or months at most -it just leaves a bad impression with some clients was my point.


                            And a great deal of our jobs out here on the front lines is to manage expectations- and it was not an abnormal expectation by the client that older versions would not be more expensive than newer versions for most any product.


                            In a perfect world - i'd have everyone moved to 12 by tomorrow!   but... as you know.... lol

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                              I am sure the folks at FileMaker thought about this and discussed it as a strategy, before deciding to do it this way.  They just didn't ask me for an opinion, and if they had, I would probably have been outvoted anyway.  I see the sense of incentivizing people to move into the new version and I see how effective the GO product can be to accomplish that.


                              I guess the only consequence ( sort of a paradox in today's world)  is that it still costs someone a few bucks to try out the obsolete version whereas they can try out the new one for free.  The problem is, if they like it, and they probably will, the pressure to spend big dollars on a move to modernize their database and perhaps also buy new server hardware becomes a higher price of admission than GO tempts them to believe.

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                                And I wonder why no one asked us?

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                                  But in the meantime they're forced to pay 40 bucks for each new GO needed while they see the v12 GO is free.


                                  No one is forcing them to do anything. If they feel that their business will benefit from the software they are able to purchase it.


                                  If they decide that the cost of Go/fmp11 is enough to warrant moving to 12 that is a business decision made on a dollar basis.



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                                    I am aware I answered my own question about the rationale for FMGO being free.  I really have no quarrel with it from the standpoint of FileMaker giving value and incentive to the customer.  I was just making the point that the developer is sort of caught in the middle.  With the right attitude on the client's part, it could turn out to be lucrative for the developer and beneficial for the customer, but it certainly presents issues that we have not confronted since 2004.  I don't have the numbers, but I bet there are many more FileMaker users today than there were users of FileMaker 6 or earlier when version 7 was released.

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