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    Proper bug #1 on Lion - FM12


      In a script


      Create a modal window

      Have ONLY the close option selected


      Run the script


      ALL buttons/options are accessible, until you minimize then restore the window when only the Red (close) button is active



      Think it is a Lion issue



      Tried to report it a month ago but have the email saying no-one was interested.

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          Stephen Huston

          The new Modal Window option offers some real challeges for developers to adjust to. You can easily lock yourself up in FM by turning off ALL the modal access before giving yourself a way to close the window via scripting. I had to force quit and trash a couple of test-copies of files when experimenting with the pre-release 12.


          Also found an glitch in a converted file which I have been using for development startups for 2 years (FM 10, 11, and now 12). This is a safe clean never-crashed file:


          When using the script "specify" button to edit or create an Exit Loop If calculation, the file crashed (FileMaker quit unexpectedly) right at the clicking of the specify button about 75% of the time. I always replaced the file from an uncrashed backup each time, so this worries me for modifying scripts in migrated files.

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            Hey Stephen,


            I had the exact same problem with my template file in the pre-release version. No problem at all in the release though.







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