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    PDF chrome in FM12


      First off, FANTASTIC job on the new containers..


      Bit of an issue with PDF files though, as the user experience may not be all it is cracked up to be and is actually out of our hands totally


      On a Mac, install Acrobat Reader X - and frankly why wouldn't you.

      Now FM 12 gets all that big fat ugly Adobe chrome. (You DO get searching inside the PDF, and lots of other yummy features though)


      We use PDF files a LOT, and some of them are post processed to open automatically at the thumbnails page (stops less than quick witted clients from thinking they only contain one page!)


      Here is an simple screenshot of an example where a PDF preview container does not even show any of the PDF, and trust me, this will stump the heck out of clients who see this.


      Worse still if one of them fiddles about and opens the sign toolbar in this layout is actually impossible to get rid of it or actually do anything else. Believe me, I have tried. Well OK there is a way. Go into layout mode and back to browse. Nope not sure I want a client doing that...

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          I haven't tried this in FM12, but for the Web Viewer in the past, you needed to go into your Adobe Reader preferences (with admin privileges) and turn off the use of Adobe's plug-in, then you'll get the default (Safari) PDF widgets back. And you'll need to redo this every single time Reader is upgraded, since Adobe likes to force that plugin and all of its ugly chrome on its users, even paid Acrobat Pro ones.


          Can anyone verify if this has changed for either web viewers or containers in 12?