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Find Duplicates within a Found set

Question asked by SteveP on Apr 4, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2012 by swheeler

I'm trying to find duplicate records within a found set. The found set consists of records within a date range but some of the records found will be duplicates of records outside the date range. I only want to find duplicated records within the found set, ignoring any records within the found set that have a duplicate outside it. If I use ! after finding the date range it finds what looks like single records but they are one of the duplicates that falls within the original found set. Example: I have 3 records with the same data in field 1 and therefore they are duplicates but only one of the records falls within my date range. I don't want any records to show because there are no duplicates within the date range even though the record has duplicates.


Hope that makes sense. Anyone any ideas please?


I've browsed the other discussions on duplicates but they don't quite fit this scenario.