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    Filemaker Server 12


      Can this be installed alongside Filemaker Server 11 Dev without corrupting or interfering with it?

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          Filemaker 11 and Filemaker 12 work independantly.

          You can install and run both programs independantly on both Mac and Windows.  even iOS

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            I know the clients work independantly but some of the requirements for the server cause me to question this such as how would you identify the correct remote? Would they both show up under that network filepath?

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              I beleive both servers use the same ports. The situation should be identical to FileMaker Server 5.5 and FileMaker Server 7, you can't run both on the same server.

              Since there is a format change, the FM 11 clients will only be able to access the FMS 11 files, and the FM 12 clients will only be able to see/access the FM Server 12 files.

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                Just to be clear: you're original question was about FileMaker Server 12, not FileMaker Pro 12 (client)? If so, then Jerry is correct; two flavors of FMS cannot run on the same box unless they are doing so in a virtualized environment in which each has its own ports.


                May I edit this discussion to clarify that the topic is FileMaker Server 12 and not the FileMaker 12 product line in general? Thanks.




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                  Stephen Huston

                  Don't install both Server versions on the same box.


                  We have installed Server12Adv on a separate computer for internal testing of converted files. (It will be at least a month or 2 before we go live with 12 as the in-house version system-wide.)


                  You can install FMPro or FMProAdv on the same client machine if it meets the minimum system requirements for 12, and even run them at the same time. The file format change keeps them from messing with each other, according to our testing over the last few weeks with the pre-release sofware.


                  Be sure any users with local files on their disks are aware this conversion a one-time and one-way change of the file, from FP7 to FMP12 -- no going back.

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                    yes this question was related to the server.

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                      edit away --