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      Hi, I understand there are several UUID standards. Which on does filemaker use? Is there a way to decode this?



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          FileMaker doesn't use a particular standard, but users have developed some custom functions for this purpose.  One that comes to mind is the base36 UUID by Ray Cologon.


          There are some other implementations available from 360works with Scriptmaster, and some listed at filemakerstandards.org.


          These usually come with custom functions to decode the various parts.

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            With the release of FileMaker 12 there is now a native UUID function. No details as of yet on how it is constructed.

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              Yes, But I wanted to see if we can decode this one.  Ray's used current timestamp that is accurate to the second.  Some other UUID use it to millesecond.  If we can decode this then we can have a get(millsecond) function.



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                oh wow, cool, didn't know.  Thanks!

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                  Not sure on FM12, but I'm pretty sure all previous versions it was impossible to timestamp down to the millisecond.

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                    Yeah, I was thinking this could be a work around.



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                      If they did it well, it won't be "uncodeable". A good UUID shouldn't be a hash of identifiable information for privacy reasons.

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                        Oreste --


                        Try Wikipedia for the keyword UUID.  I believe that FM12 is using Version 4 of the ISO/IEC 11578:1996 "Information technology - Open Systems Interconnection - Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" which is a random version of the UUID as follows:


                        Version 4 UUIDs use a scheme relying only on random numbers. This algorithm sets the version number as well as two reserved bits. All other bits are set using a random or pseudorandom data source. Version 4 UUIDs have the form xxxxxxxx-xxxx-4xxx-yxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx where x is any hexadecimal digit and y is one of 8, 9, A, or B. e.g. f47ac10b-58cc-4372-a567-0e02b2c3d479.


                        So I don't think you will be able to decode milliseconds out of these UUIDs.  On the positive side, this is an acceptable format required for healthcare databases here in the U.S. when identifying records as part of a scheme to exchange data between different electronic medical record systems.  Previous to this change, I had to use the ScriptMaster plugin to get an ID in the correct format.


                        The Wikipedia article has more information on why some have argued for a UUID that does not encode any personally-identifiable information.


                        -- Drew Tenenholz

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                          Hi, Yes I saw the Wikipedia.  I could not figure out which one FM used.  Sux it is it v4 then.  But good for doctors!