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    Progressive backup path, OS X

      Anyone able to get this working?


      As I understand from the tutorial video on FMP's site, the path cannot be within FMS's backup folder, but nothing I enter is working. Is this possibly a permissions issue?

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          Hi Scott: Premissions would be my first guess. Also, you're including the "filemac:" prefix on the path, right? Don't know whether you've read the FMS Help topic on setting up progressive back-up folders, but in it we're recommending that progressive back-up folders reside on a separate hard drive volume from the FMS installation:

          FileMaker recommends that you specify a progressive backup folder on a different hard drive than the one where the hosted databases reside. Since the progressive changes may be written to the progressive backup folder at nearly the same time that changes are written to the hosted databases, using two different hard drives may improve Server performance.


          That might help in troubleshooting/resolving any permissions issues. HTH.




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            I am pretty sure it's permissions. I got the preview working quickly by testing it in the Mac shared user


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              Thanks Dave and Karen. Simply a permissions issue.

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                when you create a new directory somewhere, it will be given the OS X account perimissions profile for owner/group/others


                It HAS TO HAVE the fmsadmin profile, or the path vaildation in FMS admin console will fail, even when the path and syntax are correct.


                If permissions are somewhat foreign territory, download and use a small utitity called BatChmod


                FMS backup path validation

                the permissions must be correct or else the path will not validate

                apply to enclosing folders and files


                owner          fmserver     rwx

                group          fmsadmin     rwx

                everyone     everyone     r-x


                as per the default: