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    Go Figure!


      A month and a half after buying FMP Advance 11 for a project, 12 comes out. Kill me now! Rant over....for now.....

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          Stephen Huston

          Contact FileMaker about upgrades. They sometimes offer it free or greatly reduced if you bought within the last XX days/weeks.


          Such offers go away quickly if you don't apply in time, so don't wait, ask now!


          Caveat: I personally am not aware of any current offerings on v12 to recent purchasers of v11, but there might be. Go ask if you qualify.

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            check out this page and see if you qualify :



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              Stepthen and dr119002,


              Thank you both for the heads up.  However my purchase date of 21 Feb 12 places me well outside of the tight timeperiod.  I am happy that many of the issues that I had problems with in previous versions have been solved (especially the gradients and multiple alignment guides).


              I upgraded to Ver. 11 because I was about to begin a enterprise project for a corporation and needed to become familiar with the graphing features.  No big deal, I'll just have to keep them at Ver. 11 for a couple of years.  Yes, it's a pain in the butt dragging gradients in from elsewhere, but better than paying for the upgrade.


              This is just like the new iPhone/iPod/iPad that comes out every other month.  I'm tired of playing the upgrade game and as a small business owner I have to play the risk versus reward game a lot more strategically.


              Rant definately over.

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                Stephen Huston

                Think hard about what the new version will save you in terms of work. How much is an hour of your time worth, or, in a large project, many hours.


                I cut my development time in half when moving from FM6 to FM7 mid-stream in a huge project, well worth the 50% upgrade price for better faster tools with the file-format change that time.


                And, if your client hasn't yet purchased their FM copies, do you really want to have to tell them that the files you made for them won't work with the newest version?


                The upgrade price on Advanced of $299 might be a bargain compared to working with older tools, using non-native gradients, and having to tell your client they can't even use the newest version available.


                Not shilling or FM sales, just a reminder that whatever your decision is, it will cost your business something either way.

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                  You are absolutely correct.  I am totally vested in the FileMaker brands and for me and my current skill level, it's better than the alternative.  However, I just wish that sometimes companies would treat their customers as customers and not as deep pocketed streams of revenue.  Either way, they would have received my money.  They would have been happy and I would have been happy.  Now not only would they receive my $200 for the FMP 11 upgrade (for around 45 days of use), now they want an adittional $200 for FMP 12.


                  Wouldn't it seem more fair that there was a tiered approach?


                  1) < 30 days = free

                  2) 30 < 60 = 80% off

                  3) 60 < 90 = ***% off

                  4) etc., etc.,


                  As a loyal customer (like most of the FM developers), in the above example, it would appear as if the corporation understood the difficulties introducing new products.  Although I would still be slightly miffed, I would still bite the bullet knowing this is still a more fair approach.  I understand that they are in the business of making money.  We all are, but shouldn't we all walk away from any business transaction feeling satisfied.


                  After all, they are providing a better product with many requested features and I am will to pay a FAIR price for those services.


                  Again, you are completely correct that the benefits may outweigh the costs, but despite my previous comment ("rant definately over") it still kind of irks me.


                  I can't gripe too much, afterall FM Go 12 is now free.


                  Am I that off base?

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                    Have you looked at the volume license, and annual volume license fees?  It can be, and often is, cheaper than buying each upgrade.


                    I don't know if it will work for you, or you clients. But it is a very valuable program.   Also, depending on your number clients/seats, it might be worth investing in the FBA program.  It is an annual fee, but between gettng a free copy of Advanced for internal use and discounted licenses of FM to sell to your customers, it may pay for itself.

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                      If you join the FM TechNet (pay the $99) you'll get a heads-up for new versions a couple of months ahead of the release date AND get a pre-release version to play with (though it's time limited and not the final version) AND get a developer 3-license copy of FMSA that lasts forever.


                      The people that get the next version info cannot discuss it because it's under NDA.

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                        I agree your timing was unfortunate relative to the release of 12 but 11 has been out for a long time now and most developers knew the release of 12 was imminment so it couldn't have come as too much of a surprise. I also find it hard to believe that an extra $200 for an "enterprise" level project would prevent you from going to 12, really? Upgradng softare is just the cost of being a developer and the sooner one upgrades the sooner one enjoys the benefit of that version. I can see technical and performance issues perhaps preventing a migration to 12 for a project but you would keep just $200 from holding the project at 11 for years? Everyone has to make their own decisions of course but I do find this reasoning surprsing and rather short sided.

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                          I have a while ago and will revisit that option.  Thank you for the suggestion.

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                            I believe we got a one month heads up and as soon as I received that email, I knew I had already messed up.

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                              Yes, it was extremely short sided and a good lesson for a newbie (such as myself) to learn.  The most valuable lessons are usually the most painful and costly.  It's just frustrating when your busting your hump to find clients and have to fork over more money for poor timing.  Nobody said this job was easy.


                              (EDIT - Insert) Thank you for your valuable comments.


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                                Vaughan wrote:

                                If you join the FM TechNet (pay the $99) you'll get a heads-up for new versions ...


                                Yes, but to be technically correct, FM TechNet itself is free to join, and it's actually the separate FDS (FileMaker Developer Subscription) that costs $99 and provides the additional benefits outlined.





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                                  Yes, to be tech-net-ly correct...


                                  ... see the link on this forum for more information





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                                    Beverly Voth wrote:

                                    Yes, to be tech-net-ly correct...


                                    Thanks, Beverly!

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