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    Filemaker no longer responding


      Hi All.


      I have a problem.

      The system is hosting in FileMaker Server 11 with Windows 2003 SP2.

      The second time that after finish the backup schedule the system stop some parts of system.

      If I make a Find example, don't complete, long wait e close FileMaker Pro or is necessery force quit.

      To resolve this problem only make a recovery of database.


      Any ideia to this problem?




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          Stephen Huston

          Force quitting the FM Pro client when using a file hosted from FM Server should not require a recovery of the file. It is treated by the server as a simple client disconnect.


          If you are in the midst of changes in Define Database/Define Fields, it is conceivable that a Force Quit might affect the file, but not while you are simply in Find Mode.


          Are you finding that the Server itself has quit serving the files at the end of running a scheduled backup? If so, try a full restart of the FM Server.


          If it still happens, a stopping of the FM Server and reinstallation of FM Server  before re-serving the files may be in order.


          Has this installation been working for long, or is this a recent installation with problems since it was first used?


          If recent installation, what is your Server CPU type/cores and RAM?

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            Hi Stephen


            I had a similar problem, 1 month ago.

            While the bkp is running, a user started a sequence of reports, complex reports with finds in table with 1.000,000 records.

            A specific report, start and not finish, runing 20 minutes, 30 minutos and don't finish.

            The user of course don't wait and force quit on FileMaker Pro Client.

            In the log of Server was a register "Filemaker no Longer Responding.."

            After force quit in the client, the table where the report was running, don,t worked more, the rest of system not problem, only this table.

            Not enter on layout, not find, nothing.

            The recover was necessery to correct this problem.


            Today the same problem, same report but only a diference the problem ocurred 1 hour after finish the bkp routine.



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              Stephen Huston

              It sounds like it's time to look at that "same report" in more depth. It's hard to image a report taking over 30 minutes to run unless it's either relying on a lot of layers of unstored calculations, or resetting data within the records.


              A million record table is not something to cause problems of itself.


              The force quit during a report shouldn't ruin the table for other use unless it was doing something strange such a setting values during the report and clearing them out at the end of the report to allow the records to work for non-reporting purposes. I can imagine such a scenario, but I cannot imagine why it would be necessary.


              Can you provide more info on the report that seems to be the problem? Is it changing data or just reporting it?

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                The report is a set of finds, dont changing datas.


                Other information, this system has 100 tables and more less 4 million records.


                To close this database in the Server has led 1 hour, for me is not normal this long time.


                Can this be a sympton of problem?

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                  Stephen Huston

                  Yes. Taking an hour to close a file from the server suggests there are problems.


                  I would run a test to see if FileMaker will report any specific or major file problems. Take the latest backup from the server and run a recover on the backup copy of the file  in which the report is run. View the recover log and summary to see what kinds of problems, if any, are reported.


                  Don't use the recovered file(s), just get the recovery summary and log to see if FileMaker can tell something is wrong.


                  If there are no errors, try other files, if any, in the solution. Something is wrong somewhere. If not in the file, then in the reporting script.


                  This kind of delay is similar to problems I have seen where a loop somewhere in a script has no exit, and just keeps trying to run until it hangs.

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                    When you write "Don't use the recover File..." I need to use, because the backup has a Problem. 


                    Now I'm trying stop the database... I'm waiting at 40 minutes.

                    This structure has a problem, of course.

                    Long time to Stop the database, the table corrupted of nothing....


                    What is the best solution after run the recover?



                    Tks Stephen.