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    File Path for Photo in FM Server 12


      If there a way to get the filepath for a picture or Document from the Container field it is stored externally?



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          Stephen Huston

          I believe you can set the filepath to which your external storage will be saved in

          • File > Manage > Containers

          This should be setup before you store items if you want to control the folder name. The path is visible in the Manage Containers area whether you defined your own image folder name of it uses default.


          My experience with the default was it was named

          • Files > database_file_name > table_name > container_fieldname > image_names

          The database file name, table name, and field names are not user-controlable, but the top-level folder which defaults as Files can be set manually in the file.


          It was fun during pre-release to watch folders and files being created/deleted on the fly as one added or deleted container contents in the file itself.

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            It does sound like fun.  Can you tell me where those folders are? on OS X. 

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              Stephen Huston

              I was using only the client FMProAdv on local/unserved files. It created the "Files" directory in the same directory with the file I was using.


              The directory in which I tested started with

              • MyTestFile.FMP12

              When I added things to containers, it then contained

              • MyTestFile.FMP12
              • Files (new directory) with the contents noted in my previous message, down to the image files by container field named folders.

              This did require setting the Manage Containers for external storage, but Importing and storing in the field, not  by reference only.


              When storing by reference only, the new container directory remained empty.


              I have not yet loaded files onto Server 12, but as the file path is controlled in the file's settings, I would expect the default "Files" would be created once for all files in the same server directory with the files.


              I believe this must be possible to be defined  elsewhere, or at least this directory can be omitted from backup schedules so that images need not be backed up as often as files, if that makes sense for your files.


              • Anyone  experimented with container files on Server 12 yet? If so, chime in, please.
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                In the same location as the database. The section that discusses this in FMP12 Help is, "Setting up container fields to store data externally." Here's what the note late in the topic says:


                If the database contains one table, then the database in the base directory path and the table in the default open storage path will have the same name. For example, “Properties” in the base directory[database location]/Files/Properties is the database filename, and “Properties” in the open storage path Properties/Photo is the table name.





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                  Ok  I found it.  The OSX has 2 library folders.  I found where the files are.  Is there a way to get this filepath in filemaker with a caclulation rather then figuring it out myself.



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                    Steve Blackwell and Wim Decorte have published a series of articles regarding FileMaker Server 12 and the changes.


                    You can find the initial notice here:



                    and if you scroll down you will find the full set for downloading.


                    Before you begin making changes to the locations of stored pictures or documents, it might be helpful to read the RemoteContainers narrative included in this set.



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                      Stephen Huston

                      Thanks for that link, Michele. I downloaded the zip and just started reading the one on Containers. Worth the read and vital before trying to manage containers on Server 12 !


                      Steve and Wim are incredible resources for the FM community.

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                        Glad I could post it Stephen. I have been busy all day adding to my FM12 Resource files from every possible location I could find. In the days to come, there is a lot that is new and a lot to know seemingly all at once.


                        Another good post comes from Matt Petrowsky, who offers a quick [25 minute] overview of the new features in FM12. Well worth the time to watch:



                        (His FileMaker Magazine is also a very worthwhile investment for those of you who are looking to learn more.)


                        Another good resource from FileMaker is the KB article #10084


                        "Miscellaneous behavior changes in FileMaker Pro 12"




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