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    FM12 ESS Enhancements


      Just some info. not spelled out anywhere obvious related to ESS in Filemaker 12.


      1. The record cache is now much larger, so you should be able to have quite a few more fields in your ESS table without running into issues. This is driver and platform dependent, as far as I know, so your mileage may vary.


      2. We can now Commit records and over-ride the "Another User has modified the record..." dialog via Script steps. Yeah!


      3. The new Execute SQL function has no direct link to ESS, but it does work against ESS Tables. BUT BEWARE, if you execute functions against large tables, the perfomance is debilitating, as the data is evaluated in the context of FILEMAKER not the SQL database, as such, the data must first be loaded into Filemakers cache, then evaluated. It does not use indexes or anything else from the SQL database that would speed these functions, so USE WITH CAUTION.

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          Could somebody comment on the ESS commit improvements; and expected problems that would be observed with the old version? I have a client on FM11 using ESS and we are experiencing some record commit issues.

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            Can you share some examples?  The biggest change is that if another user updates a record that you are editing, you can now force a commit of the record when you save and over-ride the dialog that normally comes up.  (Doing so will essentially over-write the other user's edits, so you want to be careful how this is used).  Basically, last person to edit the record and save it simultaneously, "wins". 

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              The process in question is a server side script that performs daily updates on a remote web MySQL database.


              It works OK some of the time; but often the values will not update because supposedly the record is locked.


              So the basic functionality of the scripting (and ESS setup etc) is working correctly.


              But a significant amount of the time a record lock is encountered when in fact there is nobody else in the system; and when a commit is performed by the script before moving on to the next record.

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                If the record is genuinely locked, Filemaker will probably stall.  If the problem is that it was updated by another process while being edited, the new feature may allow you to work around it, as it does not require user input now.