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    FM Academy Announces "12 Days of FileMaker 12"


      FM Academy, a collaboration of leading FileMaker development and training companies, is proud to announce the 12 Days of FileMaker 12 webinar series. Each Tuesday and Thursday for the next six weeks the Academy will host a 60-minute webinar on a new feature of the FileMaker 12 product line.


      The series will begin on April 10th at 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific). Chuck Melton of Anvil Dataworks will present the new Layout Design Surface in FileMaker Pro 12. Chuck is a FileMaker Certified Developer and experienced presenter. Future topics will include Charting, FileMaker Go 12, Container Fields, FileMaker Server 12 and the Execute SQL function.


      Free registration and the complete series schedule are available immediately at <http://www.filemakeracademy.com>. Once you register for the series, you will receive email reminders for each session. The only thing you need to attend is a computer, iOS, or Android device and a Wi-Fi connection.


      About FM Academy

      FM Academy is a consortium of seven FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum companies. Our goal is to educate FileMaker users and developers, encourage best practices, and foster adoption of the FileMaker platform. The members of FM Academy are 360Works, Anvil Dataworks, Fiddlehead Software, IT Solutions, KyoLogic, MightyData and Skeleton Key.


      Contact information: <http://www.filemakeracademy.com>

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          This sounds wonderful!  Thank you for your efforts!


          Unfortunately - call me wimpy - but I know that there's buckley's that I'll be tuning in at 4am (my time zone).  Any thoughts on how much delay there might be between the real live session, and having a recording available?  If it could be within 24 hrs that would be brilliant.


          (It's a bummer sometimes here in Gondwanaland - not only do we get slugged an extra 20 - 25% on the software costs but we also tend to miss out on some of these goodies.)


          Whether the rest of us get to see 'em or not, many thanks for your efforts,



          Mardi Kennedy