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    Filemaker Pro Vs QuickBase


      I'm currently looking at replacing some of our QuickBase applications using Filemaker Pro. However, I find Instant Web Publishing is very limited and does not have all the functionality of QuickBase.


      The desktop environment in Filemaker Pro is great but when you start using Instant Web Publishing it becomes very limited.


      Would anyone recommend Filemaker Pro over QuickBase? Would I need to use PHP to have a better web environment?

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          Well. I presume you mean the Intuit SaaS database application? I'm not sure they can compare like for like really, both in cost or the end user they're aimed at ( just my opinion), but to enable the same sort of web based feature set from FileMaker, you would need to use the custom php feature. FileMaker I suppose would run out cheaper and probably more flexible in the long run, but it would take more work up front.

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            I actually converted a number of Quickbase solutions to FileMaker.  Most of them were to FMP client and not IWP.  If your intent is to not have FMP client on each users' desktop, I think the comparison is not a good one.


            IMHO, Quickbase provides a simple web interface for a database but the usability, printing and customization options are nothing compared to FileMaker.  Yes, you will spend more for FM clients but it is money well spent.

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              Thanks for your response.  Filemaker is a great client but we are looking for a system that works well as a web app.