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How to build an XML-export

Question asked by Jan_Poos on Apr 5, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2012 by beverly

I am expoting data from a FM database into a web based financial webapp. They require their own taxonomy (namespace).

I create a layout, containing in the tab order only the fields i want to export, named after the tags from their namespace. For each record in the found set i want to export, a loop goes through every field, needed in the export, using the tab order (Go to next Field). For each field the tags and content are added to a variable.

After finishing, i set the variable to a global field an export it to an XML file.

The file that was created must be loaded into BBEdit and reflowed as XML in order to create a file that is accepted by the web app.


I have two questions;

  1. their must be a simpler way of doing this
  2. How can i prevent the BBEdit step? What is going on while reflowing and how can i include the in my export?