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AppleScript Folder creation help

Question asked by disabled_YZYSOFT-GG on Apr 5, 2012
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I have to create a dynamic AppleScript for creating a folder on Mac OS. I do have this script:


set theOutputFolderPath to path to desktop folder

set theNewFolderName to "Daily Backups"


tell application "Finder"


if (exists folder (theOutputFolderPath & theNewFolderName as string)) = false then

make new folder at desktop with properties {name:theNewFolderName}


end if


end tell



It works great, but it creates folder only on the Desktop. Some how I need to change the desktop folder to any variable (e.g. $output = Get (FilePath) ) wich is created in general FM scripting environment. I'm not familiar with AppleScript'ing and any help will be appreciated.