FMP12 not backward compatible? What the ...?

Discussion created by wdalford on Apr 5, 2012
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I installed FMP12 on my computer this morning and tried to open a small .fmp7 file. I was given no option other than to convert the file to .fmp12.




Apparently FMP12 is not backward compatible with the previous .fmp7 file format.


I have two rather complex databases running on Server 11 Advance and approximately 50 clients running a mixture of FMP10 and 11.


In order to upgrade(?) the plant to FMP12 I will have to SIMULTANEOUSLY install FMP12 on all 50 workstations and then install Server 12 Advance and then convert the DBs.


What a gigantic pain in my ***!


Why couldn't the new version be compatible with the old file format so that large installations could be upgraded in stages?