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Runtime installer/zip

Question asked by MartinBridges on Apr 5, 2012
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I'm wanting to give away a Runtime version of a very simple FileMaker Pro 10 database. It's 1 table, with 4 fields, with 2 scripts.


One script imports a CSV file and then parses it into the 4 fields, finds duplicate records, does updates, etc. Then, after a manual find the next script exports a different CSV file.


This is going to be made available for a number of mac and pc users loosely associated with an association.


I love FM but why is Runtime so unuser friendly?


What I'm wanting is a (free or cheap) installer/zip that will install 1 simple file rather than the myriad of confusing files that you now get - as I don't trust the users to not lose a file etc. You know users - give them 2 options and they'll find a third!


Someone suggested VISE installer. Which would be ideal except for the cost!


Has anyone any suggestions? I assume I will need 2 separate installers one for the Mac and one for PCs.


Also can I make the file smaller? Someone else has suggested...


Once the Runtime has been created go into the Folder called Extensions and delete all the folders except 'Dictionaries' and 'English'. Go into the folder marked 'Dictionaries' and delete all files except 'UKenglish' and 'user'.


This seems to work without any detrimental effect. Any other suggestions gratefully received.


Thanks Martin