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    FMA 12 doesn't see remote files


      On both a iMac and a MacBook Air (both running OS10.7.3), FM Advanced 11 routinely connects via VPN to FM databases on a company FM 11 server. Installed FMA 12 on iMac, but it does not see the remote DBs either when using full fmnet address or just IP address. FMA 11 on MBA (still) sees and can connect to DBs. Any ideas what's different about FMA 12 that prevents it from seeing remote DBs?

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          Yeah I have this too. FM 12 in unable to see or connect to a remote Filemaker 11 Server DB.

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            I haven't gotten to FM 12 yet, but I do remember reading that there is a conversion process required to open files in FM 12. And based on past histories of Filemaker conversions, the conversions probably have to occur on local files, not hosted files. 


            I would also suspect that FMS 12 would be required to host FM 12 DBs (just a guess).

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              I was just wondering about that. This means FM12 can't be used as a client with FMS11, I'm guessing?


              So you can't really do a staged rollout, then. You've got to convert & switch to FMS12 and upgrade your clients to 12 all at once.


              Definitely not looking forward to that, but hopefully it'll be well worth it. I do wish there could've been some Rosetta-like transitional method.

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                Stephen Huston

                FMP/A12 cannot read hosted files from Server 11 and earlier because version 12 is not compatible with earlier versions. You must use Server 12 to host to FMP12 clients.


                There is a file conversion process between the new FMP12 files and the earlier FP7 file types, which is spelled out in some other threads on this forum, and it is not backwards compatible.

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                  Thanks everyone for the clarification about the need to use FMS12. I assume that this also means that if one is using FMS12 to  host files, that clients also need FM12. We'll probably just stick with FMS11 and FM11 for clients as is would be a major task to upgrade both the server and all clients to FM12. FM will probably lose a lot of sales of FM12 because of this.

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                    FM12 will only see FMS 12 servers and files.  FM 11 will not see or access FMS 12 or FM12 files.




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                      Stephen Huston

                      Keep in mind that if FileMaker is mission critical to one's business, the new features might be important, and, eventually, older versions fall out of support and/or won't run on newer computers. So I take the long-range look.


                      I doubt if FileMaker Inc has any real concerns that people will refuse to upgrade. I believe the file format change when FP7 was introduced actually boosted sales because of the new capabilities of the upgraded product.


                      Those of us who have been through past file format changes accept this as an inevitable part of software improving. But, yeah, it's a lot of work to get a large business system ready to make the transition all at once.

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                        At the moment, the new features don't seem to be particularly valuable to our current implementation, but I assume that we will do the upgrade at some point (especially since most of our copies of FM are under a maintenance agreement with free upgrades to FM12).


                        Is there anything about the new file format that, in itself, would be worth the upgrade?

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                          Stephen Huston

                          New Feature Summary link:



                          The new charting abilities, new container storage management, built in gradients and other layout enhancements, and the introduction of true Modal-window mangement in scripting are all things I have been waiting for eagerly.


                          Each of us will value these and other changes differently, but I am eager to have the benefits they offer ASAP.