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    FileMaker 12 runtime solutions and FMGo 12


      Can anyone confirm if 'bound' solutions using FMPro 12 still don't support charts and pdf creation?


      Also, with FM Go 12, can anyone confirm what happens with images stored in containers as a reference... if I have FMPro 12 on the desktop, along with a directory of images stored in a folder, then can I copy the FileMaker File, as well as the images folder, onto an iOS device and still maintain the link to the images (assuming that the path will always be relative to the FM file?)



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          FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced Development Guide, page 31:



          Runtime applications do not include the ability to Save/Send Records as Adobe PDF files.


          • Charts are not supported in runtime solutions.



          All Guides and Manuals can be downloaded at the Product Documentation Center:







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            It kind of annoys me a little. Looks like Runtime apps are going to be left in the dark ages. You can buy a desktop computer for $1000 to run a runtime solution or a sub-$1000 ipad to run FMGo (which is free), which provides MORE options and more features...?? Wow! D'ya think FileMaker are trying to help sell more Apple products??

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              I believe this is a licencing issue with Adobe as there is no way to know/count/pay royalties on runtimes. At least that was an explanation a while ago.


              then there is the flash support issue of iOS..


              this is what happens when there are two BULL elephants in the same pen.


              Adobe and Apple don't seem to play well together



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                I too am frustrated that I am not able to include these enhanced features into my runtime solutions. If it is licensing, then develop your own solutions so you can provide charts to the full range of products. If the charts are working in FM Go and that is now free, why can't we do the same for Runtimes? Licensing? Renegotiate the license or develop an alternative pathway for creating and using charts. As it stands, I have to now consider webviewers and plugins to hack my database when this functionality is already built in. I would rather hear a different answer than the mantra of "it's a licensing issue". My 2 cents.

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                  I agree. I think FileMaker chooses not to include them when they easily could. It really bugs me how they make so many inconsistencies between their products. Fm web publishing has the same issues. There are a lot of things it could do that the server does but they disable it and force developers to use plugins or really clunky workarounds.

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                    Stephen Huston

                    Keep in mind that FileMaker Inc receives no income from distributed runtimes. And they have no way of tracking their distribution, so FMI would have to buy license to rights from the owners of PDF-output codes for unlimited redistribution -- a huge expense for what to FMI amounts to a give-away product.


                    Re Web Publishing, FileMaker has many web limitations because FM isn't  the application being used as the interface. No way to control the behavior of some unpredictable version of any of a variety of browser products. I'm just glad it works as well as it does.

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                      Has anyone tried to create a runtime in windows 7 with FMA 12? It will not let me error "not enough disk space" or if I move to c drive or external "no permission to write"

                      Does anyone have any ideas? This does not happen with 11 on same machine. Can someone try with 7 and see if u get same results? HELP!

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                        Thanks for your response.  Good things to consider.  It just seems inconsistent, since FMGO can generate pdfs and it is now free on the app store, and there are other apps that can do it also.  If it really is so much more expensive, filemaker, inc should offer an upgrade addon to allow it.  I also wish they wouldn't block the odbc execute sql either.


                        On Web Publishing, when it is on the server, it should be able to run all the commands that the server can like import records from the server.  That is the power of asp.net and php type server based web sites is that they can process things on the server if the client can't handle it.  I wish developers would start pushing FileMaker inc harder to consistently enable functionality across their products.


                        I am just saying, there are a lot of existing steps that could definately be made web compatible  because the technology definately exists to do it (since other products do it), but if developers don't request it, FileMaker may never do it. It seems like they forget about things like that and never address them unless people bring it to their attention.  It is nice to not have to do so many workarounds or rely on other products to get the job done, when I would prefer to use FileMaker.  I have had to do a lot of Microsoft.Net asp.net stuff to get around FileMaker's noncompatible steps, but that requires a lot of time and effort to learn and implement whereas if FileMaker would just make those steps partially web compatable I wouldn't have to do so many workarounds and use competitors products.


                        The big steps, are save as pdf, show custom dialog (translate to Javascript input box), import and export records and send event which could all run on web publishing. Import, export and send events could run on the server from web publishing.


                        Those steps could just add so much more power and make so many fewer workarounds and reliance on competitors products.


                        Please make feature requests for these items here:



                        Thank you,


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                          Given that an iPad now has more resolution than my MBP 17 "

                          the FileMaker Go can access files on network,

                          FileMaker Go is free,

                          What are expected to allow a runtime to access files on a network?

                          Exaggerating a little: for the price of an FMP can make an iPad ...


                          My idea of FileMaker products?

                          1. - FileMaker Server Advanced. Price as number of connections supported.
                          2. - FileMaker Advanced. As the Current. Only for real developers or advanced users.
                          3. - FileMaker Client. A 'dummy' application that allows execute only local FM files and network. Like the current runtime but with access to Server. Free, the price will mark the license of  FM Server.
                          4. - FileMaker Go. As the current.


                          A simple and scalable range.




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                            I'd note, referencing the licensing issues raised above, that it's trivial to track the number of FM Go installations, by tracking the downloads from the App Store. There is no similar way to track the number of runtimes created by FMP Advanced. If tracking the number of licensed copies is the issue, that's a clear reason why FM Go gets it and runtimes don't.

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                              You can print to PDF in Mac OS X.  You can print to PDF from iOS to Mac OS X using the Printopia utility for Mac OS X.

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                                Thanks for the Printopia info, nice application.


                                The biggest issue I have with print to pdf on the Mac, using bound applications is that I would prefer a user to just select 'print to pdf'. Now, I know that they can select it through a print dialogue, but this is a lot of steps and I really want to be able to specify the filename for the pdf. I want the control, so that the user has less steps to take.


                                If they can provide pdf creation on FREE FileMaker Go and there are FREE pdf print drivers out there, why remove print to pdf from FileMaker bound solutions? I think this has more to do with creating new markets for iOS users.


                                Just a side note : I find that it is easier on Windows to print to pdf within a bound solution, as long as you use a fairly standard FREE pdf print driver, you can create a script that remembers the printer settings... getting such a thing on a Mac, however, is a different story.


                                Now as for charting... really guys? Come on, give me a GOOD reason. If this is also licenced from someone else, please tell me why (again) FileMaker Go gives this away FREE. Even if it meant putting up with a splash screen or some other annoying "Licenced from..." message when charting (or pdf for that matter), I'd be happy enough.


                                Mobile devices are GREAT, yes, but.. they are NOT good at handling heavy work, when are running large quantities of data stored ON the device, it's a DOG (at least with version 11 it was, can't see it being any different in version 12.